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“The future ain’t what it used to be” — Yogi Berra

I live with a couple of artists from France.  They are every bit as delightful as one would expect – creative, soft-spoken, kind, generous, quietly confident, etc, but with none of the negative ‘typical French’ stereotypes that I have been warned of over my 27 years.

I am sad that soon our ways will diverge, and as they have done so much for me, while I so little for them, I thought they might enjoy a proper North American night out.  Last night, with this in mind, I gathered a few friends and took them to see a baseball game in the famous Skydome/Rogers Centre.

After playing quite a lot of baseball in my life, I can say with some confidence that it is the most pathetic sport on earth.  It has its charms of course, but none outweigh the ‘edge-of-your-seat’ tension generated by sitting in a seat for 5 hours, watching a bunch of overweight white guys scratch their balls and wander around looking casually uninterested for $5,000,000/year.  Like all sports, playing and spectating become a whole lot more fun with a healthy dose of alcohol, but that doesn’t say much about the sport itself does it?

Anyway, the Rogers Centre is a huge dome that can be opened and closed when the fates dictate.  Apparently, in spite of the absurdly hot spring weather, the dome has thus far remained closed in 2010.  This is good for us, as once the sun goes down, the temperature remembers that it is April and not June, and takes a few logs off the fire.

Good for us, but bad for two pigeons that somehow managed to infiltrate the human space.  Here is the trippy bit though, that has stuck itself under my skin.  Rogers Centre is huge, and in spite of it being a divisional game against an old rival, the stands were only about 1/4 full.  Lots of empty seats.  Yet the birds hovered constantly among the people.  They truly were almost more entertaining than the game itself, flying and swooping only feet above hundreds of humans desperately in search of any kind of entertainment.

Now I’m sure most people don’t get why this bugs me, but it does.  Why were the birds near the people?  Of course, they were probably foraging for dropped hot-dogs and pizza crusts, but doing so the midst of a crowd of relative giants does not seem the ideal time, does it?  And every time they landed they were violently shooed away by more bored spectators desperate for distraction.  So why keep flying and landing among the people, with so much empty stadium in which to frolic in their birdly ways?  As I understand, birds are actually quite intelligent, so really, WTF?


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