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“Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane society.” — Thomas Szas

I have a pretty powerful aversion to cell-phones.

I have one, of course, but the whole ‘leash’ phenomenon is not lost on me, as coordinating the simplest meeting becomes next to impossible without my magical little walkie-talkie.  Sometimes I just want to spend a little quality time thoroughly sniffing random spots around the bases of trees and lamp-posts, but can’t, constantly being cut-short by an abrupt nagging musical-yank on my cellu-leash.

There is one incredible little ancillary benefit though, made possible by the invention of ‘blue-tooth’-like ear-pieces, and hands-free mic’d headphones.  That is, to walk around and compulsively mumble to oneself is no longer automatically considered the trademark sign of a crazy person.  Indeed, more often than not, that lunatic talking to the squirrel is not talking to the squirrel at all, but into a magical little Robo-cop device hooked to the side of his face.  Is it crazier to talk to a squirrel who is physically present, or a person who is not?

Anyway, I don’t really care much about Robo-cop and the squirrel.  I do, however, enjoy my new-found freedom to wander around the city talking to myself.  I guess I always could (and often did), but it’s nice to not make it  immediately apparent to everyone within ear-shot as to just how crazy I really am.

I do still smile at random strangers, though, so I experience no shortage in looks of uncertainty (and occasionally fear) directed my way. I’m confident that, before too long, technology will solve this problem too, and then we won’t have to bother with such silly inconveniences as smiles or face-to-face conversations at all.

Then, I suppose, we will finally all be happy … all the time.

Peace and Love.



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